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  • About Creatis

    About Creatis

    The leading Twin Cities marketing and creative resourcing expert.

Who we are

Creatis is a creative and marketing resourcing firm that helps businesses across the Twin Cities get more work done by delivering outsourced studio production services and on-site staffing resources to extend the capabilities of their internal teams. The results - high-quality, efficient, and effective marketing and creative solutions with a client-focused model of flexibility.

Our focus is to truly make a difference in the lives of our clients and employees.

Marketing/creative expertise

  • We’re a professional marketing staffing and studio services firm run by marketers, so we’re experts in the creative/marketing space. We understand the day to day needs of our clients - their obstacles, challenges and most importantly, the best solutions for getting more work done. Our expertise shows: our clients are truly the best of the best and they stick with us. We work primarily with Fortune 500 companies and other mid-sized firms across the Twin Cities - some of which we’ve partnered with for over 10 years.
  • Clients Include: Cargill, Thrivent, UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare, Optum, Medtronic, Ameriprise, Deluxe, Ecolab, University of Minnesota, Portico Benefit Services and many more...

Fast and flexible services

  • We offer a variety of on-site and outsourced solutions. Our team is fast, talented and flexible. We’re comprised of the best marketing and creative professionals in the Twin Cities. Whether it’s an on-site resource that works as part of your team, or external help on projects that you need – our team scales up and down easily to give our clients a competitive advantage with maximum flexibility.
  • Currently over 130 employees working both on-site at clients or in our Studio.


  • Whether you need extra arms and legs to get more work done or have skills and experience to share, we want to create a transparent and efficient relationship with you - a lasting shared journey that we embark on together. We want people who are in it for the long haul. And we only succeed if you succeed. That’s our top priority and the core of our business lifecycle. Our candidates often become employees, our employees often go on to become clients, and on and on...
  • More than half of our work is based on referrals from clients and employees.

Driven by core values

  • We were founded on core values. These values have stood the test of time. At the heart of these values are: building lasting relationships, being of service to others, always doing what’s right, and being excellent in everything we do - for both our clients and employees. We don’t just pay lip service to the core values. They truly inform the way we do business day to day - from who we hire, to how we treat our clients and employees. Our job is to make our clients’ jobs easier.
  • Core Values: Teamwork. Of Service. Be Excellent. Shared Journey. Doing What’s Right.

Core values

Teamwork. Of Service. Be Excellent, Shared Journey. Doing What’s Right. More than just our values, truly our way of life.

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For almost 20 years, we’ve been helping clients like Ameriprise, Best Buy Ecolab, Medtronic, UnitedHealth Group, Target and more get things done.

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Our internal team brings energy, expertise and experience to the table.

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Find us:

Creatis, Inc. Headquarters
227 Colfax Ave. N.
Suite 150
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Tel: 612-333-3233

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