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Deb Olson

Project Manager

2018 Core Value Award Winner


Client Supported:


Shared Journey Core Value:

Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions and working to build something bigger than oneself. Being part of the Creatis family over time – and always being committed to the success of Creatis for the long-term. Recognizing that sometimes the journey together IS the reward.

Why Deb?

During Deb’s employment with Creatis, it’s become clear how well our values align. Deb understands the mutual trust and connection Creatis seeks to foster with its employees -- and she returns the favor. When two of her assignments were coming to an end, Deb reached out to clients through her connections at UnitedHealthcare to find new positions and most importantly: she never kept Creatis out of the loop. We were able to represent her throughout the process because of her transparency and consistency. Deb has also referred client contacts to us that have resulted in assignment opportunities for other Creatis employees – paying it forward!

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