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Hallie Nelsen

Account Management Associate

Can you give us a short summary of your background and experience?

I’m completely new to recruiting/staffing, and my background is rather eclectic. I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, and I spent the last four years working in a lab that services ethanol plants. Prior to that, I worked at Trader Joe’s for eight years!

Why do you love Creatis?

I love Creatis’ core values, and it is obvious to me that they matter to the company and it’s employees. Also, I’m excited to be working for a place that helps so many people find the career they desire!

Professionally speaking — what makes you special?

I think my personality tends to be my strongest asset professionally speaking. I love cracking wise and making people laugh. I try to get to know everyone’s communication style and interests so I can make genuine connections. I want to be seen as someone who is easy to talk to about anything.

What are your hidden talents?

I write songs, I sing, and I play bass in a band! We’re called Wannabianca and we’re awesome. (streaming everywhere 😊)

If you had the skills, money, or talent to do any job in the world you could — what would it be?

I would be a dancer. Preferably for Beyonce or Megan Thee Stallion.

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