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Finding the "Solutions" in Our Resolutions

Making resolutions for the new calendar year is an all-too-human activity. Who can blame us? We all need an opportunity to hit the reset button on our behavior at some point in our lives. And what's a better opportunity than a fresh 12 months to try new healthy habits and reject old unhealthy ones? Especially when you're entering a new decade like the 2020s. There's a reason this trend is the norm for almost 50% of Americans. A new year can be a great motivator. But as we reach February, that motivation can dwindle. It gets harder and harder to keep up with busy schedules and the surprises of life. 

That blank canvas of time and potential can also prove daunting. With the multitude of articles, social media content and other voices in our ear shouting about the "right way" to do New Year's resolutions, it's easy to lose the plot and fail to meet our goals. 

I'm here to tell you, the pressure isn't real! It's just noise and has nothing to do with you doing the actual work of self-betterment. It's not always an easy mindset to shift, but we can reclaim our resolutions from the external "voices" and make them serve us (not the other way around!). I think the key might be hidden in the word Resolutions itself!


How do we overcome obstacles in our professional and personal lives? By seeking and finding solutions. As soon as I started to view new year's resolutions this way, something clicked for me. I realized I didn't have to equate them with an abstract concept of "health" or compare my shortcomings to others' successes. After all, what is an unhealthy habit but an ongoing problem in need of solving? 

Real solutions require a holistic approach. You can't just start running a maranthon tomorrow without understanding what it takes to prepare and then training. And even if there were shortcuts to our resolutions, when did taking a shortcut ever lead to actual growth or the development of healthier habits? Spoiler alert: It never has!

When did taking a shortcut ever lead to actual growth or the development of healthier habits? Spoiler alert: It never has!

At Creatis, we're constantly looking for solutions in order to best serve our employees and client partners. It's a big part of our Of Service core value. We're approaching problems by first understanding them and then figuring how to fix them. You can't just jump to the quick fix and expect success.

This holistic professional problem solving approach is at its core about finding the best ways to add value to our clients but it applies on an individual level as well. Aren't resolutions really just ways of being of service to the client that is, well, ourselves? Here's a little problem-solving model I like to follow when I'm looking to change my habits. It aligns with our Creatis values, and our way of finding success in the ever-changing creative and marketing industry. I've found it's a great way to be Of Service to yourself without judgment while you're going after what you want:

  • Identify a problem
  • Brainstorm possible solutions
  • Decide on the 1 best solution that you'll follow
  • Create an action plan, seek support along the way
  • Take ownership and get to work!  

I'd wish you "good luck" on your resolution journey, but we both know you don't need luck. Just look for the best solutions, and you'll find your way. 


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